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i'm quite content knowing that i don't know you

I've got about seven minutes until I need to jet off from my seat here at Info Commons to my next class. Let's see if I can manage a decent entry in that time.

I went to this psychology club sponsored co-op panel today. The more I learn about co-op and the jobs offered to me, the more I get confused. Was Psychology the right route to go? It honestly scares me a bit to have to work with mentally disabled individuals. What if I can't push that aside to do the job that's expected of me? What if I don't have the qualifications or even the basic personality attributes that these companies are looking for? I know that some of these concerns are rather ridiculous, but I'm just doubting a lot of what I'm doing lately... ugh, and I did horrible on our first exam in Sensory and Perception, and I'm afraid that my Feeding Behaviors and Eating Disorders midterm mark isn't going to look that much better.

I wish I wasn't so focused on the incorrect perception that I am my GPA. I just don't want to let my parents down. Ugh. Pressure, pressure.

Show tonight with my Squishy. Goldfinger and the Start at Axis (?). Maybe I can let go a little bit tonight... burn off some of this anxiety.

Class, Crime, and the Legal System calls.
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