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This is about the fifty-billionth time I've bit my lip (and no, I didn't close my eyes).

This weekend was kinda busy for me, for a change. I don't know. Lately I've really been okay with sitting around and not really doing much, and I have no idea why. It's not even that I'm in a funk. If anything, I just feel.. neutral. Anyway, on Friday night, there was the illustrious 'L' party hosted by Eric at Soarsha's place. The night before, Addya, Kym, Soarsha and I had all hung out together in West C and we got to play dress up. Since we all know that I generally don't wear dressed or anything pretty, cleavage-bearing, or girly, it was a real change of pace. It made me think, "Gee. Maybe I want to go out and expand my wardrobe at some point." So, I borrowed a lace dress from Kym, put my hair up in pigtails, slathered on the eyeliner, and went to the party dressed as the ever endearing and seducing Lolita. Not that my guise worked in getting me any action that night. Pfft. I did manage to meet with some really cool people and I indulged in some of Soarsha's Lager. Why not? I mean, honestly, with a schedule like mine, when's the next time I'm going to? Pre-tipsyness, I even jokingly asked some stranger to walk me home later because he was standing there and it fit into the conversation I was having with the lovely Brad perfectly (who, sadly, was not dressed to fit the 'L' theme). Surprisingly, Lauren got in on the action. What did we ultimately decide you were? Still Lauren, just with Lindsay Lohan's boobs? PRICELESS.

Last night was a bit of a change of pace. Lauren's dad came by sometime between five and six, and with him in tow, Lauren and I made a quick run over to Giovanni's to get some much needed groceries (though I forgot to get any type of breakfast food >.>), ran back to our room to put said groceries away, and then went out for a night of Burger King and a movie. We wound up seeing THE BOOGEYMAN, and though it did a rather good job of building up to a spectacular ending... well, let's just say that the spectacular ending never happened. The editing was confusing and the story was a little weak. Then again, I could just be bitter because the star was Eric Camden from 7th Heaven and his girlfriend had my name.. and we all know that I'm always biased against persons with my name. Anyway, all throughout the movie, there was this row of twelve year old boys (and by row, there seriously had to be at least 10 of them) who WOULD NOT SHUT UP. During the slower parts of the film, they kept chattering away or making a lot of annoying noises with one of their chairs that apparently needed to be oiled, and during the 'scary' parts, they'd all let loose a blood-curdling scream, and then laugh hysterically for another few minutes after the fact just for kicks. A part of me desperately wanted to turn around and verbally scold them with, "God! What are you, twelve?!" Of course, they probably were, and as such, I restored to the occasional loud sigh, growl, or annoyed whisper to Lauren. Needless to say, by the end of the movie, I was more than just a wee bit perturbed. As we got ready to leave, Miss Fisher's fifth grade class had chosen to assemble in the landing between the two levels of seats in the theatre. This was my chance. I needed to do it for closure. As we walked through them (or, rather, barged through them), I raised my fist and socked the nearest one in the arm. "OW!" He exclaimed, but I just kept walking. Ah, vindication and liberation.

You know, one of the reasons why I think they made February so short is because (a) it's near impossible to spell and (b) to make up for the piss ass mood that Valentine's Day puts everyone in. With that said, V-day, please feel free to eat my foot.
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