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fuck you, 7-11

So, my friends and I had a little girls' night out a few days ago... we really had no idea what we wanted to do, so after pissing around my friend Jen's house for about fourty five minutes trying to come up with a decent plan of action, we all decided to hop into my car and drive around for a bit, seeing where that would take us. Within ten seconds of my starting the engine to my vehicle, we were ready to head over to this local cafe-ish dig called The Cup. Once we got there, though, we were distracted by the bright lights of a local street fair. Come on, the Zipper? How could we say no to an opportunity like that?

After Debbie and I screamed our lungs out on that caged ferris wheel of doom (clearly screaming for the sake of screaming, of course ♥), the other three girls, Debbie, and I were all in agreement that we were hungry. Where to? Psht, not the Cup. We had no patience for that. Hello, 7-11!

Now, usually when we step into one of those lovely establishments (which, if you're unfamiliar with the geography of Long Island, are located about every other block... probably only out numbered by diners), a sales clerk or two are assigned to stalk us through the aisles, and are either obnoxiously pretending to fix the same row of bubblegum packages or just standing there, with their arms crossed, watching us like the little hooligans we 20-somethings must be.

Now, granted, the five of us can get quite loud, but at that time, we were speaking at decent level, keeping the decibles reasonable as we all split up to grab what we needed, only to reconviene within about ten minutes' time at the back of the store to pick out our drinks. Cough. Okay, if you know me at all, you know I have an absolutely HORRIBLE time making choices, especially when I'm faced with so many possibilities. Gatorade, Coca-cola (with lime, cherry, or sans caffiene), Red Bull (regular or sugar free)... seriously, I needed a minute! However, by the time I'd finally settled on a bottle of Snapple Peach Iced tea, I guess we'd taken too long (or, rather, I had).

My dear friend Jackie came up behind me, and poking me in the side to get my attention, I turned to her with a perplexed expression. "You see that guy, the sales clerk right over there?" She'd asked me, motioning discreetly to one of the sales clerks who was then making his way slowly back to the register. "He just said that we all have to, 'Buy something or leave.'"

Buy something or leave? Buy something or leave? I was astounded by the audacity. In generally a good mood beforehand, that good mood transformed itself into temporary confidence as I repeated that same phrase aloud.. and of course, a little louder than maybe I would've if having a normal conversation with Jackie. "Buy something or leave? I don't know about you, but I'd rather leave!"

And after shoving our choices (GOD so much effort on my part for nothing!) back into the places we'd gotten them from, we did just that, a smug expression on our faces as that same store clerk and his coworkers glared at us. Ah, victory.

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