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"Maybe we could start a club, or a league, or something."

Oh, Smallville. Even in my moments of pain, you never cease to crack me up with your silly comic book references, like the one you made tonight about the Justice League of America that we all know is coming up. You know what, though? I almost remember the Flash as being so much hotter and not quite so young.

So, I'm still not sure if I'm heading home tomorrow, even if the plan was to leave tomorrow night and be picked up by Daddy dearest at the Port Authority. I was really only planning on making a cameo on the island shores this weekend because Hot Topic was supposed to be having it's (belated) Secret Santa swap this Sunday. However, for the last five or six times I've tried to call them within the last two weeks, I've gotten the same response: "Oh, gee. I really have no idea when that's going to happen. I'll try leaving Nick a message about it, and he'll get back to you about it tomorrow." Let's just say that I have a feeling no one's been talking to Nick, because I haven't been called back once yet, and every time I try to call them, they're all still clueless. Was that repetative? My apologies if it was. There's a painful ringing in my head that's making it hard to keep my thoughts cohesive.

So, I picked up my phone today (actually, it was about fifteen to twenty minutes ago) to make another one of my infamous calls to store #177. As I went to lay back in my very small dormitory bed, I was laying a bit too far forward and descending way too fast. The result? I completely missed my pillows and smacked the back of my head on the edge of the wooden headboard.

To those of you who offered up a sympathy wince in response to this sordid tale, I thank you.

Can I just add another "Ow" in here? Ow. ._.

On another note, dinner and a movie with Soarsha, Addya, Kym, Dave, and Eric at (where else?) Eric's last night was fabulous. Betty Crocker, we salute you.

p.s. The fire alarm went off in my room today because someone had to cook a hamburger in a pan. Thanks Geenerrrrr! :*
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