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Sucker love is Heaven sent..

Ignorance is bliss.

So, I made it to Long Island and back in one piece for Thanksgiving Break. Thankfully, zombies did at no time enter into the equation as my prophetic dream threatened. However, it did take me about eight hours each way of the trip, but I still made it nonetheless. Before I went, I had so many plans of things that I needed to do, but in that I completely neglected to remember all of the responsibilities I needed to fulfill, too. Wednesday was obviously travel day, Thursday family Thanksgiving Day (+ favorite cousin bondage, as per usual), Friday was working 1-9 day (though I did pass some rather sandalous things to Catty and sneak in a late night dinner at Friendly's with Mick), and finally Saturday came friend day. Well, an unexpected, fun-filled friend day that I would've totally missed out on if I'd headed home to do my homework and laundry after shopping with Katy like I'd planned. Fuck responsibility. I like procrastination that much better.

We made our way over to Thom's house to say hello.. because quite frankly, I missed the so-called savior and his crazy antics and I was quite antsy for a hug. Katy didn't tell him I was there-- rather, she baited him with the taunt, "I have a present in human form for you!"

Unfortunately, once he realized the present was nothing more than a teal-haired me, he simply asked if he could return me to the store I came from. Bastard.

Anyway, after getting over that insult, Katy and I wasted some time with Thom before we were joined by the likes of James and Chris B. It took a few minutes of hopeless movie browsing before we got the fateful call from Brady to head on over to his place. The honors crew were already there and ready to start some poker induced shinanigans. No, no money ever entered the picture-- instead, we opted for the easy candy route. Hel-lo, M&Ms! After a long, strenuous game, my partner Bryan and I managed to come in third while Thom and his silent partner, Brady, came in first.

The prize? As many icky, manhandled M&Ms as you could eat.. and while no one else would dare brave such a feat, Thom dug right into his 'lush' winnings. Ew, Thom. That was almost as gross as the time you smashed that hugeass spider against the wall at my graduation party and chased Katy around with your spider gut tainted hand.

Before I left for Thanksgiving, I made Dave a birthday cake with the aid of the lovely Soarsha. Fuck yeah, it kicked ass. I even have pictures. Maybe I'll post them later so future generations can giggle.

I honestly love how I can write an entire entry that has nothing to do with what's really on my mind.

edit >>

Soarsha and Kym, pre-cake.

There was a blow-up mattress in our living room. Le shrug.

The candles say 'old'.

I couldn't resist.
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