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it seems like only yesterday when we were merely freshmen

I officially hate AdAware. While it was scanning my drive, I was in the middle of writing one of my nonsensical updates about how Boy Meets World made my day today with it's cameo of an MTV show I used to love, Singled Out, and a mini rant about how much I hate today's music scene because the boys all look like models from a photoshoot rather than musicians begging to be taken seriously, and my mother making a random phone call to me tonight because she was worried about my well-being after the rioting chaos she heard about on the news.

No, I'm not going to try to type it back up word for word again, simply because I lack the patience.

For the first time since I got back to school, I got ahold of Thom. It took me a few hours to find his number in the various unsorted piles consisting of my meager belongings I brought to school with me, but the hour and a half I spent on the phone with him was completely worth all of my search efforts.

So, Lauren tells me today that she's going on this religious retreat with the Christian cult she likes to hang out with. Why, Lauren, why?! If you wanted to find Jesus, all you had to do was ask me and I would've found Thom's number so much sooner. It's a shame that we're losing another one. They just drop like flies...

Did I mention that I may have found a boy? Hah, and you kids know what that means-- disregard my last entry's driving statement: If you're a straight male, feel free to start exchaning words with me again. I won't bite your head off. Cross my heart and hope to die. Or is it cross my t's and dot my i's?
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