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Yes, but NOT with you.

Living up here in Cold Spring Harbor has granted me more alone time than I would've ever dreampt necessary these last few months. No one calls, no one writes, and there are few that even talk to me via IM. I guess it's not that I mind; thinking is a good thing, and going to work at least five days a week between my two jobs has left me feeling solitary without necessarily having to be completely antisocial, as well. And hey, don't get me wrong: there were the occasional stellar moments involving my friends this summer. There was Warped Tour with Donna (or just all of those nights out with Donna <3) where I met one of my idols, Miss Ginger Reyes from the Halo Friendlies, and that night at the Last Week show pretending to be a merch girl with Bev at the radio table (even though the guys STILL can't remember my name), that night of picture scavenger hunting with the honors crew, plus Cathy and her mysterious figure of a boyfriend Jay. Speaking of which, I still need the pictures from that night. Anyone got 'em? In addition to that, on Friday of this last past week, I went shopping with the lovely Natalia Bolanos, also of the band the Halo Friendlies, with her little sister, Alexandria, and my partner in crime, Donna, as our chaperones. It really rocks when you realize your heros are just as cool as you painted them out to be inside your head.

Anyway. Back to work-like subjects. I quit the movie theatre the weekend before last, working two twelve hour shifts in a row. Corey thought he was doing me a favor by scheduling me for as many hours as possible, and I should really be thanking him for that when I get my last paycheck on Thursday, but that 24 hours alone left my feet begging for mercy. For the time being, I work the occasional 4-6 hour shift at Hot Topic, basically getting paid just for socializing with customers and following them around like a bloodhound. No, really, it's more fun than it sounds. They called me in at the last minute yesterday to work 5-close, and they actually did again today to see if I wanted to work a 4-midnight shift at Roosevelt Field. The regional manager is coming to see them... I think tomorrow, which is why they can use all of the extra help they can get. Unfortunately, I don't think I can go. Like the douchebag that I am, I left all of my packing until the last minute. Besides, my father wants to take me to BJ's today for some snack food type goodness, among other things, to bring up to NU with me on my Davenport adventure with two strangers I've never met. Oh, and Lauren. Hi Lauren!

I go back to school on the 4th, and when people ask me how I feel about it, my answer's honest and simple, "I'm mixed." Obviously, the reasons to go back consist of seeing the people that I promised to see over the summer and just never got the chance to. On the other hand, there are certainly those people that I don't want to see, one of which I'm sure all of you can name if given a multiple guess test on the subject.

Well, wait. Scratch that. Seeing him again might have it's perks. Like, finally being able to say one, loud, resounding "FUCK YOU!" to his face, or being able to demand the explanation for his sudden disappearence that I know would never be good enough. I want to be that girl he thinks back on and says, "Wow. She really did love me."

I should really take a shower... got a lot on my plate today. Let's hope to a year filled of lots of NU drama. I know you all miss my updates like woah.
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